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Roaches can infest even the cleanest house or building. Having dirt & grime just helps establish a larger thriving colony since messy homes tend to provide a more readily available larger food source. For every 1 roach you see there could be hundreds or more living in the walls, behind fridges, near electric outlets or […]

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If you live in the northwest, chances are rodents are your neighbors. Having a pest control program with regular visits is the best way to keep them where they belong, outside. Setting traps is of course a good way to help with a rodent problem but the most important part is making sure the structure […]

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Odorous House Ants

Often referred to as sugar ants or pissants, Odorous House Ants are one of the most common and difficult types of ants to control. They can make nests just about anywhere! Their name comes from the smell produced when they are squished. One of the interesting traits is their ability to do what is called […]

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Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants are wood destroying pests. The same method cannot be used for all types of ants as the Carpenter Ants feed on wood and are not interested in “ant bait”. It is necessary to drill and inject product into the wall voids of your home so that it will directly come in contact with […]

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Take back your yard!

NEW: Frontier Pest Control now offers mole service in the Snoqualmie Valley. Although it is still illegal to use scissor or snagging traps in Washington State, Frontier Pest Control has 3 different legal, effective methods utilizing: Carbon monoxide Baits and poisons Repellents If you are interested please call 425-577-2944 now to get on our schedule for […]

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